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 What was your worst date?

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What was your worst date? Empty
PostSubject: What was your worst date?   What was your worst date? EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 8:34 pm

This could be good for a laugh what was your worst date share your story!

Okay so I lost a bet and had to go on a date with this guy (I do NOT like this guy at all so it was horrible. I don;t even like being in the same room with him. He's way too cynical and to be honest he's kinda a racist and I do NOT tolerate hate speech.) on the date he kept trying to grab my arm I told him I could walk myself. He kept cracking rude jokes then he wanted to go eat. I was not hungry he asked if I was I said no.
We go anyway. He forces me to eat then he wants me to drink. Yeah...that was a no. I was glad when my friend texted me. Granted it was just to say her sister was acting up again I told her to keep texting and I was telling her what was going on. LOL

BUT the other worst one was this

I went out with a friend half way through the date he tries to fix me up with his brother. Then as we were going to the movies, it was icy and I fell on the ice in heels and a skirt, my foot got cut on the ice and began to bleed. He pointed and laughed. I was livid! He never helped me up this old lady told him to be a gentlemen and help me up.
I walked 3 miles home and never talked to him again. He asked why I wasn't talking to him and I just looked at him.

So what about you ladies?
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What was your worst date?
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